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The Crunch Gang

and Crunch Gang Entertainment comin straight outta San Diego is bringin the West Coast back. The crew goes bank to the roots of the city representing every hood from 44 Block SD to Deep Valley O'Side.

The music is real and raw. Crunch Gang, is the real thing, brining the music of the streets and puttin it out there like it is.

Guilty Pleasures Tattoo Studio is proud to support Crunch Gang Entertainment and proud that many of their members wear our ink. The future of San Diego Music and Tattoo Art is all in one place. crunch gang

So, keep checkin with GPT for all your ink needs and get with Crunch Gang for the music I know you want up in ya headphones.

  - Rev D


The Crunch Gang

 Crunch Gang is....

 Young Gee / Yung Novakain / Free Mind / Mixx Boy L / Unkle Sam / Sauvi / DJ Chris Capon
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