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The dangers of being tattooed and tattooing at home


So, there's alotta reasons why tattooing people are your house, or garage, or anywhere besides a licensed shop is illegal. First and foremost it's unsanitary. Any shop in California, no matter how dirty it may look had to under go a stringent test from the department of environmental health. The owners of this shop (i.e. Rev and Dizzy) have spent HOURS and hours cleaning fixing, covering, and checking every inch of tattoo space to make sure our surface area matchs department code to the letter. Our apprentice spends literally hour’s everyday cleaning the floor, the windows, the tattoo area, and anything else that might collect any type of dirt or infection. In short, hundreds of man hours a year are put into making sure that you don’t get staff infection or any number of infections from dirty surfaces or tools such as needles.

Beyond the simple cleaning of the shop and the surfaces our tattoo artists are trained on different skin types... Different skin types you ask? You didn't really think all skin was the same did you? Well their not. For example, the two most obvious skin differences comes from your average Asian person, and your average African American person.
Asian skin can take a beating, be stretched, hammered, and dugout and for the most part it will heal with little or no after care almost at all. However African skin is the exact opposite. As a tattoo artist one might be familiar with the term "pass". When a tattoo outline is being done, making one line is called a pass. Going over it again would be considered a second pass... African skin can usually only take one pass. After that it begins to swell up. When skin swells regardless of the ethnicity of the person being tattooed, the stencil starts to distort. Once that happens the artist will have a really hard time trying to make the tattoo turn out correctly.

And while were on the subject of different skin types... let's talk briefly about parts of the body... some parts like those that are in the sun more often, tend to be more thick. It takes a few more passes with shading or a heavier hand to get the ink in sometimes depending on the technique. Again, someone that has never had formal training tattooing at home will not know how much pressure to apply. Suddenly they've pushed too hard and "dug your skin out". Then the dirt from their garage or appt starts to hit the open wound and BANG... staff infection and you’re in the hospital. Maybe you know someone this happened to... maybe you don’t. Regardless it is a threat.

Ohh by the way, did I mention that real tattoo places only sell to Authorized Licensed tattoo artists and shops? So where did your home tattoo artist get his needles and tubes? Are they sanitary? Are they good quality? Or are they packaged in china, and he or she bought them on e-bay or at the local smoke shop. Come on people... does that sound like a good idea??? I know shops charge a little bit more... To be honest were not that expensive... We don’t charge downtown prices or Pacific Beach prices... but for the hours and hours we put in to make sure your ink is not only amazing but safe as well.... I think we deserve something. Thanks for reading, and support your local tattoo shop.

 - Reverend D

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