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Dennis “Dizzy” Doan was raised in the Vietnamese community of Linda Vista in San Diego, California. His artistic abilities were foreseen as a child and as years passed, he quickly transformed his crayon scribbles on paper to masterpieces on human skin. His first piece of ink was a tattoo of his country of Vietnam on his left arm (which he performed on himself with a self-crafted tattoo machine at). The piece shows his love, appreciation, and dedication for his heritage and family background. That first experience under the needle changed his life forever.

At the age of 19, Dizzy met Reverend D and began what would one day become Guilty Pleasures Tattoo. While many tattoo artists have trouble staying in practice because they only tattoo a few times a week, Dizzy is typiclly booked out 2 Months and does 2 or 3 tattoos per day. His time in the tattoo industry has been much more dense than others simply because he does more work. This and his dedication to the art of tattooing has brought him not only hundreds of clients, but the loyality and respect of the community. So after years of hard work, Dizzy now ownes Guilty Pleasures Tattoo Studio in the City Heights Community of San Diego, California. Dizzy’s tattoo style is heavily focused on Black & Grey Asian, Chicano, and Calligraphic art. His unique approach and masterful shading techniques has established him as one of the premier tattoo artists in the city of San Diego. He was at one time the youngest registered tattoo artist in the city, and his skills prove him worthy.