Guilty Pleasures Tattoo Studio

You might ask yourself where this shop really came from. And if you arent then by all means dont keep reading. haha. Cause im gonna tell the story either way. So once upon a time, a 29 year old Businessman was searching for a new business to be involved in. By complete chance he met a 19 year old college student. This student told him he had been tattooing for years at home, and had recently gotten a job as a shop artist at a small tattoo studio. The 2 discussed everything from websites and business stradagy to tattoos, ink types, and clients. Some time later, they opened a shop on the boarder between Hillcrest and University Heights in San Diego. Rev remembers, "It was a trial run. We had to see if we worked well together and if the concepts i had taken im my past years in business would apply to the tattoo industry." Dizzy followed with, "I knew i could tattoo on the level of other artists in San Diego, but age tends to push people away. I needed a chance to show what i was capable of doing. I wanted to show the world my passion, and make it a career." Well they tried to make it work, and work it did. Within a year of opening, Dizzy and Rev were on their way to a much larger shop, and a young apprentice named, Gustavo.
"Opening Guilty Pleasures Tattoo was a little scarry" admits Rev. "It cost thousands of dollars and for the first time in my life i had to be a construction worker. Go figure". There was almost an entire month of down time between the first shop and the new one and it was a month full of doubt and fear, but Dizzy and Rev pushed through and soon not only had a thriving shop, but a good internet presence as well. "Sitting in the front of a full sized shop definatly added to my client base, but just having people come in doesn't mean they'll come back. I worked hard to make sure i was able to please every client i had. I built this business on return clients." Says Dizzy proudly regarding the first year of business at Guilty Pleasures. They say in business the first year is the hardest, but the clients seemed to love the tattoo work, and adding Gustavo was the iceing on the cake the young shop needed. Gustavo brought a true artist perspective to Guilty Pleasures Tattoo. Having a mild background in tattooing Gustavo had spent years in Art class drawing figures, shapes and learning perspective. "We couldn't have done it without him" Says Rev.